Sunday, June 26, 2011

hula and hullaballoos

Another month passed since my last entry. There's nothing really new to say... just the same old, same old. My life is definitely not boring, at least according to my standards. There are no real rest days. Weekend rests are non-existent.

Last Friday, I went to auntie's shop for the first time in a couple of years. I was slow. haha. There was no practice at all and I have to double check my steps. I was standing up for 5 hours with a few minutes break once in a while. It was fun as much as it was tiring. I love the touch of the fabric and sound of the shears. I have a lot to learn... and a lot to finish.

Today, I danced hula (real hula) for the first time. The Hawaii delegation will perform on the first night in the Florida conference. I think I did pretty good for someone who does not have any experience at all.

This week had it's disappointments: work, sick, dramas. Whew. I'm glad it's over and hoping it won't happen again. Everyday, I still force myself to get up and put on a happy face for work. I just remind myself that God has a purpose and everything will fall in place in His perfect timing.

I'm really looking forward to the Florida trip. Finally! My first out-of-state trip. I'm really grateful to Jesus and my church for funding this trip. But I have to get my hula straight first :)

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