Sunday, June 6, 2010

my 23rd birthday wishlist :]

6 more days!

normal stuff (ones that i really need but not my priority buys. LOL)

1) PILLOWS - good, fluffy ones.
2) TOWELS - purple, please! haha
3) BEDSHEETS - with pillow covers! plain ones would be awesome.
4) LARGE PLASTIC DRAWERS - yeah.. my old ones are bent :(
5) SPORTS SOCKS - coz i have to play volleyball
6) "RENT" DVD - i can't find mine. boohoo
7) SLIPPERS - regular slippers. i want the gold one from Old Navy or the soft one from Sports Authority haha
8) BATH/SHOWER SOAP - i like "bodycology" from wal-mart. about 4 bucks each.
9) PAJAMAS - i love sleep clothes!

ridiculous! (things that i can't do without, but would be nice to have. :] )

1) BAG - from betseyville, betsey johnson, or patricia field
2) SPA - full body massage. foot spa. a facial treatment. waxing. haha
5) HAIRCUT - a really nice one. no Supercuts and Fantastic Sams!
6) LAPTOP FIX - bleh. my laptop screen is getting worse :(
7) WACOM - heehee.
8) CONTACT LENSES/GLASSES - this one i do need. but it's just too expensive!

just for fun. it's my birthday anyway. haha

Friday, June 4, 2010

hello again, blogworld!

Half a year passed since my last post. A lot of things had happened and that's the real reason I don't blog. Things are happening at the moment and there was no time to go here and write about it. Maybe my real dilemma is figuring out what events are interesting enough to keep you reading. Yes, you, my dear reader who I truly admire because of your patience.

Like I've said, a lot of things happened while I was away from blogging. Maybe I should just do a "top ten" list (in no particular order):

1) I made a year at my job. It's not my dream job, but it does pay the bills. Even if there are stress factors that make me want to pull my hair, I still find the self-fulfillment of sucking up a lot of bull and do a good job. :]

2) Watches "Glee", "How I Met Your Mother", "The Big Bang Theory", and a few more shows. It's so nice to have an inexpensive, "me" time. :]

3) I paid off my PayPal credit card. My budget is balanced. Whew!

4) Something bad happened to our church, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. People stepped up to the plate. I felt closer to the other members. Our pianist and guitarist now sings, too! Hooray!

5) I learned how to make molten lava cake. Yeah. Haha.

6) The love for anime was revived. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but it's another way of bonding with him.

7) I kept in touch with friends from here and the PI. Even if we're miles apart, I'm still sort of up to date with what's happening down there. Thank you, Facebook! And my college friends here, we somehow find time for each other. I believe this is a really important thing.

8) Met new people and thankful how they affected my life positively.

9) Fell in love with my family more.

10) I'm now in a relationship and I'm truly joyful. We may not always be happy, but we learned how to appreciate the little things that we do for each other and learn how to forgive. And to keep our mouth shut when needed to avoid arguments that don't make sense.

These are my ultimate highs. Yes, some of them may be too simple. But when you learn to appreciate the little things in life, that's what makes life more wonderful. :]