Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bus rides and almost fevers

Part 1. Bus Rides

About a few days ago, I believe it was a Thursday, I had a weird feeling about catching the bus after work. I couldn't explain it, but it kept on bothering me. I had asked a friend if i could hitch, but he couldn't pick me up from work because he needs to drive his mum somewhere.

The number 42 bus came first so I got on that one. It was pretty crowded but I found a seat near the front. The first thing I noticed was there were two, big, scary-looking guys who look different. Different, meaning, not normal. No one knows what people who think different will do, but I just kept my cool. The traffic was pretty heavy that day and I'm very exhausted, so I just wanted peace and quiet until I get home.

The first ten minutes were ok, until this little FOB 10-ish year old Filipino boy started singing... Beyonce's "Irreplaceable"... Loud. Real LOUD. He didn't sing the whole song but when his player got to the chorus parts, he would just blurt out. After a few minutes, an older girl he was with started rapping in Tagalog and he sang along with her. The two FOB couple behind me who was with those kids started talking loud. The two fob couple behind the kids, who i believe is their aunt and prolly an older cousin, were just sitting there. The kids kept on what they're doing for 20 minutes. I kept giving them the look but I guess they're not smart enough to get that. I wanted to say something like, "Are you stupid that you can't understand the bus signs and announcements that you have to be quiet?" I decided against it and just looked at them and said, "You're too loud," in a very annoyed voice. They finally shut up. After I did that, I realized that I did it wrong. I should've scolded the adults instead of the kid. Anyway, when the couple behind me stood up to get off the bus, I said, loudly, "Finally!" But yeah, I still think they didn't get it.

After that incident, I noticed one of the scary-looking guys was staring at me. Creepy. He got off one stop before mine. Whew!

I caught my second bus which will take me to Kunia/Village Park. I sat in the back, just minding my own business. Then this rotund, white guy asked me if I was ok because he said he thought I was crying. I told him I'm fine. So he started talking story, asked me if I live around Village Park. And all of a sudden he told me he thinks I'm beautiful. I was surprised and weirded out so I just thanked him. After a few seconds of silence, he asked me if I lived alone or with my parents. So I replied, "No. I live with my boyfriend and my kid." He finally shut up.


Part 2: Almost-fevers

Since Monday last week, I haven't been feeling well. Sometimes, I feel like throwing up or I take a dump every hour. This feeling in my hands which I usually get before having a fever is always there, but it never really went there. It's annoying since I don't have any reason to stay home and rest because it's not really there. And also, the new employees just started later last week and this Monday.

I slept when I got home today. I was just having a terrible headache. Now, I feel like I want to throw up, but I'm hungry at the same time. Blah