Thursday, July 1, 2010

end of month entry

I suck at maintaining a blog. Or maybe I'm just a really boring person. Or maybe I'm just a really lazy person. Haha.

My last entry was my birthday wish list. I actually got the stuff I want... PILLOWS!!!!!! Jesse gave a body pillow with a plush cover and Phoebe gave me Boink, a piggy pillow with bead cushions inside. Somehow, I manage to use all my five pillows at the same time. :] Auntie Linda, Jesse's mom, bought me purple towels. BEST GIFTS EVER!!!!!

This is Boink :]

I also didn't forget to give myself a gift. I finally convinced myself, after long rationalizations and with Jesse's encouragement, to buy myself a good camera. After five years of waiting, I have something I need. Sige na nga, "want" na nga. I haven't named my baby, yet. I haven't actually played with it much, either :( Just tested out the pre-set settings (tama ba yun?). Took pictures of my dad cutting mum's hair, mum looking scared because she felt like it was too short, and Aly with her kulet face. This weekend, I plan to take pictures of our neighborhood so Ate can finally see what our place looks like. I'm still scared to bring the camera to the beach. It's hard to body board with a DSLR on your neck kasi. Haha.

I'm learning how to body board. We went to Bellows AFB three Saturdays ago and I was able to catch a few waves. Bellows is a good "learning" beach. No need to swim out far. We just had to stand about 30 feet from the shore and catch waves from there. Aly was able to catch a few waves herself. She's having a bit harder time because the body board is too big for her. I was planning to take videos of Aly, but I fell asleep. ;D

Can't wait for the three-day weekend! Woo!

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