Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i haven't written an entry in a long time because i don't feel like anything in my life right now is worth writing. or i'm just lazy. anyway.

this month, maj is leaving for alaska. it's very hard to schedule a going-away dinner for her due to her hectic schedule. i haven't seen her since april and i miss her so much! now she's leaving hawaii. :( anyhoo, i think everyone is fine with dinner this saturday. just a few close friends in a cheap restaurant and no alcohol. it'll be fun.

depression (or something like it) had been frequent. maybe i'm experiencing my almost-quarter-life crisis. i've been moody and annoyed lately. today, i scolded one of our salesreps and i think i was too bitchy to my coworkers by the end of the day. gaaaahh. i feel lonely even if i'm surrounded by a lot of people. what's wrong with me?

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