Tuesday, August 18, 2009


a few months back, i believe it was mother's day season, my coworker asked me if i've received flowers before. i said, "yeah, but not really." yes, i received some flowers four times in my life but i don't think they really count. why? because it's not the boy-gives-girl-flowers-cuz-he-likes-her deal.


Number 1
It was my high school graduation. I had a boyfriend back then, but it wasn't an official one. Meaning, it would cause panic/anger/and prolly some form of violence. Anyways, my dad gave me a bunch of flowers when I finally got my diploma. Sweet! Don't get me wrong. I got really excited, but it's a happy/proud dad kind of flowers.

Number 2
I was dating this guy back then. He told me that he wanted to give me a single white rose for my birthday because he said it's pure. Eh? My birthday that year fell on a Sunday and he had no choice but to give it to me at church. He doesn't really know what to do, so he put the rose in his pocket to hide it from other people. When he saw me, he took it out and handed me... the stem. Yep, the rose head was gone. He doesn't know what happened and just threw away whatever is left. Smart, eh?

Number 3
This one definitely doesn't count. The third sich was my 18th birthday. So all the flowers they gave me, I (well, mum) bought them. Blah.

Number 4
This is another story of a single white rose. Imagine; lights dimmed and there were only blue candles in the room. Then, somebody gave me a single, white rose. Then, he also gave the person next in line a rose. It was my Phi Theta Kappa Induction ceremony. All the inductees were given a single, white rose. Yep. Just another school ritual.

yep, true stories.

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