Friday, June 12, 2009


i've been troubled for the longest time of how i feel. i kept denying that i'm in denial. haha. everyone thought it was so obvious, but i keep on saying that there's nothing more to it. it's just that.

two days ago, i had a revelation. i've dreamt of him. i will not go into details, just that it really made me realize how much inlove i am with him. he's all i think about and he's all i want. our situation is not that easy, because he's currently with someone else.

last night, i finally told him how i feel and just poured my heart out. he just apologized. we can't be together. it broke my heart... but i still can't stop loving him. at least i know where i stand.

i'm in so much pain, but i still smile and i feel light. maybe because what really burdened me was the fact that i wasn't honest of how i feel. or maybe it's just my mind trying to protect me from depression. just like having a tattoo, it would hurt a lot at first then all you'll feel is nothing. that's where i am now.

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