Saturday, May 16, 2009

today is perfect...


i woke up around 11am today and i was soooooooo happy that i finally had time to sleep in. i was feeling a little creative (probably because i sleep in a room with rolls of fabric piled up next to me) and decided to help a little in auntie's shop. i finished two puletasis (poo'-le-tah-sees)before eating lunch and i decided to start princess' pulis (poo'-lees) cuz we have to mail it to seattle by tuesday. then i decided to check my mafia.

i went inside the parents' room, turned on the laptop and put down my phone beside me. while doing that, i was also thinking of what to do with princess' and fia's pulis, what time should i finish cuz baby sis and i are going to the park later today to play some volleyball, and go to band rehearsal after. so.. i was typing and just at the moment i looked at aly, who was playing with my phone, she dropped my fone in a full mug of (a not so) hot chocolate! i couldn't control myself and just started screaming at her. i feel sorry for screaming at her because it was an accident but i was so pissed off! i just bought my phone last march and now it's not working. that's 300 bucks down the drain. i tried blow drying it and what not, but it just doesn't work and it smells like chocolate.

i know, i know. you'll probably say, "it's just a phone. get over it." i'm not mad at baby sis, but it's very upsetting because i worked hard for the money i used to buy that phone and now it's gone. i grew up knowing that i should work for everything and not rely on someone else to get it for me. that's the reason i value what i have because i know what i did to get that. that's why i'm "attached" to what i have.

i had to leave the house because i don't want to scream at baby sis. i think it's better to do that because i might get irritated with her for even the tiniest little thing because i was in a really bad mood. and i don't want to make her feel worse than i already did. i told her that she's grounded for the rest of the day. she can't watch tv or play with the computer. i explained to her that she has to be very careful when she's using other people's stuff. i told her that i'm not mad at her, but she needs to realize that being careless with other people's things is not right and she has to learn her lesson.

right now, i'm at my friend's house and he's trying to fix my phone. i already called baby sis and just reminded her to keep their door open because their room is frigginly hot. i told her i love her.

i'm in a good mood again. pretty fast, huh? :] but i think i have to get a new phone just in case this one doesn't work. crud.

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