Saturday, November 21, 2009

rockband friday and lumpia night

i've been eating my mum's bean sprout lumpia the whole day. AND I'M REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT :]

we had a farewell lunch for one of our coworkers today and i brought 30 pieces of the filipino lumpia complete with spicy garlic vinegar. of course, i had to take the bus this morning and the suka is in a ziploc container. it started leaking through my paper bag while i was still in waipahu! dang... thankfully, i got to work without any of it on my clothes. whew! coworkers really liked it and 30 pieces wasn't enough. haha. oh wells.

~~bye, vio! :]~~

vee and tiny showed up tonight. tiny brought her rockband and we played for 3 hours. of course, we had to eat and i fried more lumpia :]

tiny's head got stuck between the ball and the futon :D

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